Call for 2015 Hall of Fame nominations are closed! Finalists will be announced on Monday, June 1st, 2015 on Inductees will be revealed at Hall of Fame Live! @ IncentiveWorks 2015, August 18th in Toronto.

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1. How is the Hall of Fame different from other industry awards?
M+IT’s Hall of Fame is the only independent awards program in the Canadian MICE industry. Eligibility is not dependent on membership in any specific association, or having any particular designation.

2. Who is eligible for the Hall of Fame?
The Hall of Fame was created to honor outstanding individuals in all facets of the meetings and incentive travel industries. With the exception of the Industry Planner category, suppliers and planners are equally eligible for entry into the Hall of Fame.

3. How many years experience do you have to have to be considered for the Hall of Fame?
Rising Star is the only category that has a specific length of time working in the industry as a criterion. However, categories like Industry Planner and Industry Builder do trend towards individuals with a solid body of work in the industry behind them. Our new category, The Big Idea, is open to anyone who has had, well, a “big idea.” Could be in their first year working in the industry or their 30th. Doesn’t matter. Also, please note: The two to five year time limit applied to the Rising Star category applies to all work in the industry. For example, if an individual worked as a planner for three years, then jumped to the supplier side and worked as a sales rep for three years, he or she would have a total of six years work experience in the industry and therefore, would not  be eligible for the category.

4. How many people have to nominate someone for them to be considered for Hall of Fame?
ONE nomination is all it takes to be considered for the Hall of Fame.

5. Are self-nominations allowed?
Self-nominations are welcome but we encourage industry members to nominate their peers.

6. I’m not sure which category to nominate someone in?
Each category has specific criteria. If you’re not sure which category best fits the nominee, click here for more detailed category descriptions.

7. I don’t see Industry Veteran in the list of categories on the nomination form. How do I nominate someone?
The Industry Veteran award is awarded at the discretion of the judging panel and M+IT. To be considered for the honor, you must first nominate the individual in one of the categories listed on the form (with the obvious exception of Rising Star). You may note in the comment box under “Nominator Information” that you think the individual would make a good candidate for Industry Veteran.

8. How do I find out who nominated me?
M+IT does not reveal nominators to nominees—ever. However, nominators are free to reveal the information themselves.

9. How does the  judging work?
When a nomination is submitted, it goes directly to M+IT’s editor. The editor then contacts the nominee and sends them a set of forms asking for specific information, which he/she must complete and return to the editor. The editor keeps the original forms and creates a set with the person’s name and specific company names removed. These redacted forms are given to the judges, who will select finalists on the basis of the criteria outlined on the forms. It is a blind judging. The only person who knows the names of the nominees is the editor. She is not a judge.

10. When are the names of the finalists announced?
The editor will notify finalists on June 1, 2015. The finalists names will be posted on the Hall of Fame web site in the first week of June. At that time, M+IT will also issue a press release announcing the finalists’ names. In addition, a double-page spread announcing the finalists will appear in the pre-IncentiveWorks issue of Meetings + Incentive Travel (July.August).

11. I still have questions, who should I contact?
Phone or email M+IT editor Lori Smith at 416.442.5600 ext. 3254 or She’ll be happy to help.