• Founder and President, JPdL
Jean-Paul is founder and president of JPdL, a company employing professionals in both destination management and conference organizing. A member of the industry for 37 years, Jean-Paul has made innovation a way of life. His company pioneered green meetings and paved the way for sustainable practices to be adopted by the industry at large. He also spearheaded efforts to place JPdL at the forefront of mobile event apps, developing the EventPilot suite. Noticing the need for on-site secretarial services, he launched JPdL Business Centres. In addition, he has lead a team that has grown the business to include six Canadian offices. Most recently, Jean-Paul and JPdL were named to Special Events Magazine’s annual list of the Top 25 DMCs worldwide.
The 2012 Innovator Award was sponsored by: Travel_Alberta_Vert_CMYK